La Palma - Activities


  • Are you adventurous, individual and active?
  • Or you are more individual and want to enjoy doing nothing?
  • You do not like mass tourism, but you still want to be in a southern climate?
  • You would like to enjoy the sun but you don't want to fly long distances?
  • You would like to take a break from the winter, away from the gray north?
  • You do not like hotels?
  • You want to have an authentic country feeling from the country in which you are?
  • Are you able to plan your own holiday, book a flight and rent a car and take your free time in your own hands?

Then let yourself be captivated by the magic of La Palma on an individual holiday.

Apart from sunbathing and swimming in the sea, our holiday home on La Palma offers a variety of activities to start off easily. Hiking, mountain biking, paragliding (for high demands), lake tours for whale and dolphin watching, excursions to view the volcano... Above our house after a slope lures the forest, with its hiking trails and sunken beautiful spots. Mountain biking is also a popular option to explore the island and simultanious work on your own fitness. Anyway the trails are
really challenging and the slopes pretty steep.
Let yourself be carried away by volcanic, rough gorges, surprising views and again and again: the overwhelming proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. Festivities on the island (such as Carnival) with its colorful bustle, allow us to imagine what the customary, original impulsiveness and joy of life looks like.